Credit: Wyeth Architects

(Photo: Retrofitting the Wyeth Architects Office at 6 Maple Street)

Wyeth Architects’ Leonard Wyeth recently spoke with Alexander Soule at CT Insider for a story on the growing popularity of Passive House design in Connecticut and beyond. Wyeth and his colleague Sara Holmes serve on the Connecticut Passive House board as the President and Secretary.

The member-driven organization recently joined the Connecticut Green Building Council, and Living Future Connecticut in forming BuildGreenCT, which advocates for the just and sustainable transformation of the built environment through education, advocacy, and community building. 

“People who have read about [passive house] or experienced it start asking questions, and usually end up wanting it once they’ve learned a little bit,” said Wyeth in the CT Insider piece. “It’s a slow transition — it is painfully slow. One thing we’ve discovered though, which is kind of hopeful, is every contractor that we have to train — once they’ve done it, just about every job they do after that is going to be built to the same standard, because they see the benefits.”

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