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All photos ©Robert Benson Photography, owned by Wyeth Architects llc

Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum

Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum. Low stone wall grows into front entry facade. Stone hearkens to Irish cottage materials.

“After some significant renovation, [the building is] perfect for its new use, and we very much look forward to presenting it to the world.” – President John Lahey, Quinnipiac University

Micheal Farrell’s Black ’47 is showcased on a freestanding wall in the gallery. Working with the client and exhibition and graphic designers at Group C, Wyeth Architects designed the sculpture podiums and freestanding gallery walls, intent on framing views and leading the gaze of visitors in order to show the wonderful art collection at its best.

Path of circulation, lighting, framing of views, and installation details were considered throughout, in conjunction with museum requirements for care and security of artwork. Humidity, temperature control and lighting are key issues in the design of museums.